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Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company

Thanks for Playing!
Below are the answers to the Toy Machine Sucking the Life contest. Congratulations to the 7 folks below for being suck experts. Note: 3rd place Paul was disqualified for being apart of the SkimTheFat family.

The 7 Winners
# Name Total Correct Tie Breaker Answer
1. Francisco Grijalva 10 324 (-85)
2. Brian Ball 10 312 (-97)
3. Paul Horvath * 10 567 (+158)
4. Spencer Montgomery 10 153 (-256)
5. Marcus D. Brewer 9 420 (+11)
6. Michael Radziewicz 9 478 (+69)
7. Daniel Mongoose Pacrami 9 250 (-159)
8. George J. Friery 9 147 (-262)

Photo #1
What is the scientific aparatus shown above?
Penis Enlarger
Photo #2
What is this life sucking animal called?
Sea lamprey
Photo #3
Who is this famous old geezer?
Charlton Heston
Photo #4
This pioneer of vacuum cleaners is called what?
Photo #5
What is the name of this alleged sport?
Photo #6
What is this high tech hair cutting device?
Photo #7
This famous adult "sucker" is?
Nikki Dial
Photo #8
What is this kit used to heal when you're in deep trouble?
Snake bites
Photo #9
Here's an easy one... What's the genus and species of this blood suckin' leech?
Hirudo medicialis
Photo #10
What is the name of this dermatology nightmare?!
We are some poor motherscratchers! The Stupid Tie Breaker Question:

How many coins are in the SkimTheFat bloodsucking trust fund?

409 coins.

The 7 Weiners: Congratulations to Chris Niemer, Grant Smith, Jesse Ficken, Tyler Patterson, Jeremiah Meckley, Bryan Bologna, and Jhonathan Haro for missing all the questions. Congrats.

The Bloodsucking Prizes:
Top 7:  Sucking the Life Video
8th:  Mystery prize

About The Video:
This tour video highlights the Machine's 2002 summer "Sucking the Life" tour. Lots of BB guns, water pistols and firecrackers separate the footy of Toy Machine's skateboarding onslaught. Featuring Ed Templeton, Diego Bucchieri, Austin Stephens, Caswell Berry, Josh Harmony, Billy Marks and Nate Broussard.

Find out more about Sucking the Life:
Visit the Toy Machine website.

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