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Here are the results for the Thirdchoice contest! Only one person out of 345 got all of the questions correct. Check out the big brain on Dannty Prew!

The Big Three
# Name Total Correct Tie Breaker Answer
1. Dannty Prew 10 33 (+1)
2. Kelly Adam 9 33 (+1)
3. David Wesley Rush 9 30 (+4)

Photo #1
This 3-Set SSBSTS is done by:

Javier Sarmiento

Photo #2
The name of this sitcom is:

Three's Company

Photo #3
The designer of this 3-wheeled joke is:


Photo #4
This 3 dollar bill is from:


Photo #5
This photo is directly from the SkimTheFat:

Spank bank

Photo #6
Picking the top 3 horses is called a:


Photo #7
The following skate spot is:

3rd and Army

Photo #8
This old school shifter is called:

Three on the tree

Photo #9
This former hip-hop sensation is:

3rd Base

Photo #10
The following is NOT a real city:

Three Hills, TN

That's alot of fucking stickers. The Lame Tie Breaker Question:

How many Thirdchoice stickers are in this pile?

34 stickers

The Stoking Prizes:
1st:  Thirdchoice deck
2nd:  Thirdchoice T-shirt
3rd:  Thirdchoice beanie
4th:  A date with George Bush

About Thirdchoice Skateboards:
If variety is the spice of life, then choice is the spice rack. That's why the hard-hitters from Thirdchoice present you with the opportunity to try out some well-designed, durable boards and clothes with po-boy prices. Why pay out the ass for skateboard products designed by a honkey in a suit? Check Thirdchoice out for the obvious answer!

Microphone Check:
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