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Holyoke, MA
United States

Age: 39

First Deck:
Powell Peralta-Tony Hawk "Claw"

Current Weapon of Choice:
Anti-Hero-John Cardiel

Favorite Skaters:
Currently feeling............
Tim O'Connor
Danny Gonzales
Stevie Williams

Favorite Videos / Movies:
Currently watching............
City Stars-"Street Cinema" Scarface The Godfather 1,2

Favorite Music:
Currently hearing............
Modest Mouse

Shouts Out To...
Latest books I've read.......
The Sicilian-Mario Puzo
Fast Food Nation-Eric Schossler
Entropy-Jeremy Rifkin

Videos reviewed by this reviewer
Company Video Rating
1.  411 VM Issue #38
2.  Black Label Label Kills
3.  Transworld Sight Unseen
4.  New Deal 7 Year Glitch
5.  ON Video Magazine Fall 2002
6.  Union Right to Skate
7.  Real Seeing Double
8.  City Stars Street Cinema
9.  Unreel Productions The Vision Pro Skate Escape
10.  Girl Yeah Right!
11.  Maple Black Cat
12.  Toy Machine Sucking the Life
13.  Birdhouse Projects Untitled
14.  Blockhead Adventures in Cheese
15.  Toy Machine Live
16.  Birdhouse Projects Ravers
17.  Globe Canvas: The Skateboarding Documentary
18.  Consolidated Don't Do It
19.  Supernaut Infinite Momentum
20.  H-Street Lick
21.  Sonic One Louder
22.  None Black Out
23.  Shorty's Guilty
24.  Zoo York E.S.T
25.  ATM Fast Youth
26.  Powell Play
27.  NC Clothing Reasons Why?

World1991's profile was last updated on 03-16-2004.

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