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BrAD (the silent "R")

BrAD (the silent "R")
San Diego, CA
United States
Retired from SkimTheFat duty on 01-18-05.

Last words:
props to: Me, for taking up skeetberding. Jeremy, for skeetberding with me. Jeph, for writing the Boner song. Catsby, fer sending me cool stuff.

Videos reviewed by this reviewer
Company Video Rating
1.  Black Label Black Out
2.  411 VM Issue #27
3.  DC Shoes The DC Video
4.  Powell Chaos
5.  411 VM Europe 1997
6.  Foundation European Tour
7.  411 VM Issue #23
8.  Deca Sneak Preview
9.  Transworld Videoradio
10.  LSM Films American Misfits
11.  Foundation Cocktails
12.  Big Brother Crap
13.  Zoo York E.S.T. 2.0
14.  ATM Flick
15.  Mack Dawg Productions Sick Boys
16.  Build Worldwide Streets: San Francisco
17.  Foundation Super Conductor Super Collider
18.  Foundation Tentacles of Destruction
19.  Celentani Projects Trouble Shooters
20.  Friends Productions Collage
21.  Church of Skatan Holy Rollers
22.  411 VM Issue #16
23.  411 VM Issue #53
24.  Big Brother Number Two
25.  Gallaz AKA: Girl Skater
26.  Step Up Ring Manual Labor
27.  Amsho VM Amsho:1
28.  Acme The Acme Skateboard Video

BrAD (the silent "R")'s profile was last updated on 01-18-2005.

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