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Annapolis, MD
United States

Age: 34

First Deck:
Powell Skull and Sword

Current Weapon of Choice:
7.875", 56mm

Favorite Skaters:
Jeremy Wray, Geoff Rowley, Eric Koston, Mark Gonzales, Jerry Hsu, Dan Drehobl, Peter Smolik, Bobby Puleo, Jason Adams, Danny Gonzales, Dennis Busenitz, Brian Brown

Favorite Videos / Movies:
Jump Off A Building, 411 Europe 1997, Yeah Right, Static 2, 7 Year Glitch, Dream Reality, IPath Promo

Mallrats, Dazed and Confused, Big Fish, 12 Angry Men, Contact, Willy Wonka

Favorite Music:
Counting Crows, Belle and Sebastian, J Mascis/Dinosaur Jr, Rolling Stones, The Long Winters, Luna, Ryan Adams, My Morning Jacket

Videos reviewed by this reviewer
Company Video Rating
1.  New Deal 7 Year Glitch
2.  The Tiltmode Army Man Down
3.  ÚS Menikmati
4.  None Shitheads Vol. 8
5.  Stereo Tincan Folklore
6.  Shorty's Fulfill The Dream
7.  TSA Clothing Life in the Fast Lane
8.  Physics Dream Reality
9.  Dan Wolfe Eastern Exposure: Zero
10.  411 VM Europe 1998
11.  Hurley Hallowed Ground
12.  Plan B Second Hand Smoke
13.  Osiris The Storm
14.  NC Clothing Tilt Mode!
15.  Chocolate Chocolate Tour
16.  5boro EZ Pass Vacation
17.  Foundation Nervous Breakdown
18.  Tree Fort Volume #1
19.  Benji Meyer Anonymous
20.  411 VM Best of Volume 5
21.  None Black Out
22.  Frontline Video Quiet Storm Vol. 1
23.  Real Recipe For Disaster
24.  Concussion Damaged
25.  Tracker Hi-8
26.  Foundation Madness & Mayhem
27.  411 VM Issue #43
28.  411 VM Issue #50
29.  Logic Skateboard Media Logic #06
30.  Etnies Sponsored
31.  Arcade The Trip
32.  ON Video Magazine Winter 2002
33.  Bam Margera Cky3
34.  Elevate Trucks Levitate

Egg's profile was last updated on 09-27-2005.

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