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Brooklyn, NY
United States

Age: 41

First Deck:
American Flyer, fiberglass banana board (XMAS '85.)

Current Weapon of Choice:
Adrenalin - Mike Manzoori reggae records deck (thanks, Allison!)

Favorite Skaters:
Matt Rodriguez, Pat Duffy, The Gonz, Hosoi, Marcus McBride, The Butcher, Keith Hufnagel, Ed Templeton, John "Wolf Guy" Olson.

Favorite Videos / Movies:
Powell: The Search for Animal Chin; Stereo: A Visual Sound; FTC: Penal Code 100A; Columbia/TriStar: Groundhog Day; Rockers.

Favorite Music:
lots of reggae, deep funk, Violent Ramp, Tamion 12 Inch, Wolf Eyes, Vikki, Damaged Dudes, Infest, Doom, Gauze, Septic Death, Gatorhead.

Shouts Out To...
Shout out to Allison and the rest of the A-Two-Killaz: Big Juh, Rad Heath, Sleazy Kye, Tech Boss, Eric from Frankenmuth, Jim the Nut, Concentration Dan, Teddy, Life Set Struggle, Launch Board Shop. No war for heavy metal. Regime change begins at home: November 2004.

Videos reviewed by this reviewer
Company Video Rating
1.  Life Skateboards A Soldier's Story
2.  1984 Let It Bleed
3.  Chocolate Las Nueve Vidas De Paco
4.  Sonic One Louder
5.  FTC Penal Code 100A
6.  H-Street Shackle Me Not
7.  Anti-hero Cash Money Vagrant
8.  Think Dedication
9.  Vans Dogtown & Z-Boys
10.  Dan Wolfe Eastern Exposure 3: Underachievers
11.  Coliseum P.J. Ladd's Wonderful, Horrible, Life
12.  Santa Cruz Streets On Fire
13.  Zero Dying to Live
14.  411 VM Issue #37
15.  Mad Circle Let The Horns Blow
16.  The Tiltmode Army Man Down
17.  Flip Sorry
18.  Blockhead Splendid Eye Torture
19.  New Deal Useless Wooden Toys
20.  Transworld Anthology
21.  Chocolate Hot Chocolate
22.  None Streetskating with Rob & Natas
23.  Tracker The Brotherhood
24.  Emerica Yellow
25.  Foundation Barbarians at the Gate
26.  411 VM Issue #40
27.  New Deal Whatever
28.  Foundation Madness & Mayhem
29.  Freebord Science Friction
30.  Acme Unedited

OneLoveJamDown's profile was last updated on 01-09-2004.

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