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Fredericksburg, VA
United States
Retired from SkimTheFat duty on 07-01-03.

Last words:
the best tricks and parts of all time are as follows?

PJ Ladd, in his wonderful Horrible life
Chris Cole, in Dying to live
Jeremy Wray, in Second Hand Smoke

Deawon Song: backside nosebluntslide, backside big spin out, into a manual

PJ Ladd: frontside tailslide, 270 frontside flip out for no reason or
switch heelflip backside noseslide bigspin out

Rodney Mullen: Casper slide down a pavement bank or his primo slide in Dying to Live

Chris Cole: kickflip backside lip-nosebluntslide down a handrail

Switch backside lipslides down handrails whoever does them

Dave Mayhew: shovit lateflip of a piece off plywood pushed up against some stairs


Videos reviewed by this reviewer
Company Video Rating
1.  Deca 2nd to None
2.  Blockhead Recycled Rubbish
3.  Plan B Second Hand Smoke
4.  Thrasher Jaded
5.  World Industries Round 2: Rodney Mullen vs. Daewon Song
6.  Foundation Art Bars Subtitles and Seagulls
7.  101 Falling Down
8.  Dan Wolfe Eastern Exposure: Zero
9.  Alien Workshop Photosynthesis
10.  411 VM Issue #33
11.  Zero Thrill Of It All
12.  Alien Workshop Timecode
13.  411 VM Europe 1996
14.  Church of Skatan Santa Barbara
15.  411 VM Stand Strong
16.  Bam Margera Cky3

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