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Thurmont, MD
United States
Retired from SkimTheFat duty on 05-14-03.

Last words:
I would like to thank every one of my childhood female babysiters for showing me the ways of the world. My dead pets. The last floor on the elevator for every parking garage I skated! Fuck all you cops for chasing me around DC!

Videos reviewed by this reviewer
Company Video Rating
1.  World Industries New World Order
2.  Powell Peralta Public Domain
3.  Plan B Questionable
4.  Stereo A Visual Sound
5.  Birdhouse Projects Feasters
6.  Real Recipe For Disaster
7.  Santa Cruz Streets On Fire
8.  New Deal 1281
9.  411 VM Issue #32
10.  Sure-Grip International Summer Sessions
11.  New Deal Da Deal Is Dead
12.  411 VM Issue #15
13.  Deluxe Jim's Ramp Jam

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