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The Gnarboot Cobbler

The Gnarboot Cobbler
Compton, CA
United States

Age: 40

First Deck:
A hot pink(er than my nutsack) Nash Executioner...a hand me down.

Current Weapon of Choice:
Antihero wood, Beer city urethane, Independent iron, and Powell little discs with balls in 'em.

Favorite Skaters:
The Gonz, Trainwreck, The Ox, Gator, Donger, The Mutt, The Butcher, Sluggo, Wee Man, Triple Threat and Michelle Kwan

Favorite Videos / Movies:
I don't have time to watch skate videos.

Favorite Music:
Favorite music: Religious and Devotional.

Favorite band is: AM.

Shouts Out To...
I'd like to thank Frederick Bauries for uplifting me when I was heading down the dark, dismal (and smelly) road of glue sniffing. Iíd also like to thank Fredís sweet wife M.J. for loaning me her beautiful lime-green Honda Del-sol when my pride and joy (1991 Chevy Lumina) was in the shop for a month getting switches installed.

Videos reviewed by this reviewer
Company Video Rating
1.  Kinked Skateboard Media Spots?
2.  Uprise Skate Shop Suprise
3.  Powell Strip Mall Heroes

The Gnarboot Cobbler's profile was last updated on 11-27-2002.

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