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los Angeles, CA
United States

Age: 37

First Deck:
Madrid, Greg Smith freestyle deck...1987

Current Weapon of Choice:
Krooked Dan Drehobl

Favorite Skaters:
Gonz, Jovontae,Guerrero, Guy, Natas, Carroll, Sanch, Stranger, Way, Kareem, Sheffey, Alf, Huf, Jeremy Klein, Pepe, Gino, Dill, Julio De LA Cruz, Dressen.

Favorite Videos / Movies:
1.Virtual Reality
2.Video Days
2.5 Future Primitive
4.Love Child
6.20 Shot Sequence
9.A Visual Sound

Favorite Music:
Big Me & Deez Nutz, Maata Haari, Soy Sauce Enema, Goggleface, Peyote Cody, King Tee, S.O.A.D, DJ Quik, Low Profile, CMW, Too $hort, Biggie, Janes, BasementJaxx, Timbaland, DickieGreenleaf, L.ChronHubbard, Vagenius, Early90'sUKhardcoretechno, Acid House, GFK

Shouts Out To...
check out my website :
and my homies at

Videos reviewed by this reviewer
Company Video Rating
1.  World Industries Love Child
2.  Big Brother Shit
3.  Blind Tim & Henry's Pack of Lies
4.  Underworld Element Skypager
5.  Element Fine Artists Vol. 1
6.  Popwar Video Hype Teaser
7.  FTC Video III
8.  Color Color
9.  Chocolate Hot Chocolate

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