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Joe Flesci

Joe Flesci
Ann Arbor, MI
United States
Retired from SkimTheFat duty on 02-24-03.

Videos reviewed by this reviewer
Company Video Rating
1.  Consolidated Is What It Is
2.  Anti-hero Anti-hero
3.  Think Dedication
4.  Homeslice Griptape and Gasoline
5.  Toy Machine Jump Off A Building
6.  Zero Misled Youth
7.  Caught Clean Radioactive Throw Up
8.  One Fifty One Too Loud for the Crowd
9.  411 VM Best of Volume 4
10.  Blockhead Debbie Does Blockhead
11.  Zoo York E.S.T. 2.0
12.  Girl Goldfish
13.  Thrasher Hall of Meat
14.  None Life Long Addiction
15.  Real Non-Fiction
16.  Beer City Tanked
17.  Pig Wheels All Systems Go!
18.  Think Damage
19.  Thrasher Feats
20.  Etnies High 5
21.  Santa Cruz Home Video
22.  411 VM Issue #05
23.  Step Up Ring Manual Labor
24.  Church of Skatan Oh My God!
25.  Consolidated Promo
26.  Thrasher The Truth Hurts
27.  ATM Come Together
28.  Santa Monica Airlines Freedom of Choice
29.  T.R. Productions Goin' Off
30.  NSI Video On The Prowl
31.  ON Video Magazine Summer 2000
32.  Powell Chaos
33.  Chapter 7 Seven Seekers
34.  Hookups Asian Goddess
35.  Vision Chris Gentry Pro Promo Tape
36.  XT Wheels Promo
37.  Flexdex Road FX

Joe Flesci's profile was last updated on 11-17-2001.

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