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Chicago, IL
United States

Age: 38

First Deck:
Probably some horrible deck with the trucks on backwards from K-Mart

Current Weapon of Choice:
Powell Mini-Logo

Favorite Skaters:
Jason Lee, Brian Sumner, Heath Kirchart, Mike Carroll, and I'm sure several others that have slipped my mind.

Favorite Videos / Movies:
Girl's Yeah Right! and Emerica's This is Skateboarding

Favorite Music:
Radiohead, Squarepusher, Death Cab for Cutie, Interpol, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Shellac, The Velvet Underground, etc., etc., etc.

Shouts Out To...
Bird beak deformities concern scientists.

Videos reviewed by this reviewer
Company Video Rating
1.  Logic Skateboard Media Logic #07
2.  Flip Really Sorry
3.  DC Shoes The DC Video
4.  Transworld Feedback
5.  Transworld In Bloom
6.  ON Video Magazine Spring 2002
7.  Santa Cruz Uprising
8.  Transworld Free Your Mind
9.  411 VM Issue #47
10.  Gullwing Skateboarding Inside Out

Squarepusher's profile was last updated on 06-09-2004.

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