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Lansing, MI
United States

Age: 38

First Deck:
hand-me-down Vision Mark "Gator" Ragowski

Current Weapon of Choice:
Firm Burnquist deck, with independent trucks, revolution wheels, spee metal bearings.

Favorite Skaters:
Mark Gonzales, Jason Adams, Ray Barbee.

Favorite Videos / Movies:
Video Days (Blind), the Search for Animal Chin (Powell Peralta), Label Kills (Black Label), Real to Reel (Real), Gleaming the Cube, Mallrats, High Fidelity, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Favorite Music:
Tommorrow- Crimpshrine, Petroleum Distillation- 15, My Brain is Hanging upside down- The Ramones, Hope- the Descendents, In the City- the Jam, Backfire- side by side, Jaybird- Token Entry, I want you back- the Jackson 5, Degradation- Gorilla Biscuits, Pay to Cum- Bad Brains.

Videos reviewed by this reviewer
Company Video Rating
1.  Blind Video Days
2.  Zero Misled Youth
3.  Toy Machine Welcome to Hell
4.  None Chomp on This
5.  Prime Five
6.  Real Kicked Out Of Everywhere
7.  Girl Mouse
8.  Foundation Rolling Thunder
9.  Flip Sorry
10.  Transworld The Dreams of Children
11.  Birdhouse The End
12.  Transworld Uno
13.  411 VM Best of Volume 2
14.  Etnies High 5
15.  411 VM Issue #42
16.  Thrasher On The Road
17.  Powell Peralta Propaganda
18.  Powell Suburban Diners
19.  Thrasher The Truth Hurts
20.  Planet Earth Hiatus
21.  Church of Skatan Oh My God!
22.  Union Right to Skate
23.  Channel One Intermission

Thrashathon's profile was last updated on 01-24-2003.

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