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Slanty Slits

Slanty Slits
Chicago, IL
United States

Age: 40

First Deck:
The first deck I ever owned was a hand me down Bill Danforth Alva with pink grip tape.

Current Weapon of Choice:
A One Fifty One with Grind King steel, Spitfire wheels and Bones Swissssssss.

Favorite Skaters:
I dig: Laban Pheidas for his creativity (before the release of American Misfits, at least), Clyde Singleton for being ugly, Jerry Hsu for looking like my twin, Lance Mountain because his teeth are more jacked than mine, and last but not least, Tommy Guerrero for saying, "Yapple Dapple" in The Search for Animal Chin.

Favorite Videos / Movies:
Skate videos: Label Kills, Caught Clean, The Search for Animal Chin, Video Days, Jim's Ramp Jam, Deca Second to None. Movies? Weird Science, Zapped, Revenge of the Nerds, Road House, Real Genius, Back to School, Summer School, Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Favorite Music:
Dillinger Four, Descendents, Small Brown Bike, Misfits, and Frank Zappa.

Shouts Out To...
It's not for the money. George Bush can go fuck himself if he hasn't already.

Videos reviewed by this reviewer
Company Video Rating
1.  Girl Yeah Right!
2.  Powell Peralta The Search For Animal Chin
3.  Unreel Productions NSA 86' Vol. 1
4.  Conspiracy Skateboards More Concrete
5.  Bam Margera Cky2k
6.  True Motion Issue #03
7.  900 Films Tony Hawk's Trick Tips Vol. 1
8.  Arcade The Trip

Slanty Slits's profile was last updated on 05-08-2006.

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