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After years of extensive research in various Ivy League laboratories, the SkimTheFat development team has produced a highly scientific method of ranking skateboarding videos. Our system is based on the "5 star system" but is much more complex. Such genius is rare...

Reviewer #1
5 stars
Reviewer #2
4 stars
Joe Public
3 stars

Final Rating: 4 stars

How it works:
For each video we use three judges. Two are carefully chosen skateboard video specialists from the SkimTheFat Reviewer Army. The third judge is you and every other kook that happens to stumble upon our site and has the balls to vote. So unlike the 2004 election, do your part in voting for the real future of America!

15 videos you should have in your video libary
Company Video Current Rating
1. Enjoi Bag of Suck 5 stars
2. H-Street Hokus Pokus 5 stars
3. ÚS Menikmati 5 stars
4. Baker Baker 3 5 stars
5. Blind Video Days 5 stars
6. Plan B Questionable 5 stars
7. Transworld Sight Unseen 5 stars
8. Black Label Label Kills 5 stars
9. Santa Cruz Wheels of Fire 5 stars
10. The Firm Can't Stop 5 stars
11. Fourstar Super Champion Fun Zone 5 stars
12. Blueprint Lost and Found 5 stars
13. Real Real to Reel 5 stars
14. World Industries Trilogy 5 stars
15. H-Street Not the New H-Street Video 5 stars

December's 15 Most Checked-Out Skaters:
1.  Kien "Donger" Lieu
2.  Bam Margera
3.  Bob Burnquist
4.  Dustin Dollin
5.  Ali Boulala
6.  Corey Duffel
7.  Andrew Reynolds
8.  Mark Gonzales
9.  Tony Hawk
10.  John Cardiel
11.  Rodney Mullen
12.  Paul Rodriguez
13.  Jamie Thomas
14.  Stevie Williams
15.  Steve Olson

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