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DVD cover - Chocolate Hot Chocolate

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Hot Chocolate
2004, 53 minutes
Current Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Hot Chocolate is a documentary that chronicles the 2003 Chocolate demo tour. The video showcases the talents of new additions Marc Johnson, Justin Eldridge and Chris Roberts as well day-oners like Chico Brenes and Daniel Castillo. Interviews and voice-overs give insight into the team's personality and life on the road. Spike Jonze directs the interludes as always.

ItsRainingMikeItsRaining May 25, 2004

Hot Chocolate is a very fancy video, but we expected that. The main problem is that they advertised it as "not a tour video." This flick is just that and virtually all the footage is from their tour. I love the Chocolate team, but I like watching them skate more than hearing long-winded interviews with each member of the team about their feelings on skateboarding. The skits are well shot and very entertaining, but just like in all Girl/Chocolate videos they get a little long by the third viewing. The skating itself is amazing but plays an obvious 3rd to the talking and skits. Some of best parts come from Iannuci (switch FS shuv, double set), York (king of the SF streets) and Johnson (triple flip on flat, messing around!). The thing is, all of their parts in Yeah Right! were better.


OneLoveJamDown June 01, 2004

A non-skating friend of mine recently watched Sorry and Hot Chocolate back to back. "Man, those Chocolate guys are a bunch of pussies," he said afterwards. "I thought they were going to tuck each other in at night." Maybe his choice of words are crass but I can understand the sentiment. This is not a pumped up skate video. It has its moments though, like Spike Jonze's creative camera work and skits plus some awesome skating from a killer team for whose skills I have mad respect. However, the majority of this documentary is melodramatic pap. The board focusing section was lame. I have no sympathy for anyone who gets so frustrated they have to break a board. Learn some mental discipline and save that wood. The music in this video sucks as it's mostly flavor-of-the-moment ironic indie rock crap. Please Chocolate, bring back the funk!


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Kenny Anderson
Chico Brenes
Daniel Castillo
Justin Eldridge
Gino Iannucci
Marc Johnson
Scott Johnston
Richard Mulder
Chris Roberts
Mike York

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Hot Chocolate, check out the soundtrack for it.

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