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VHS cover - 16 Skateboards I Hate Children

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I Hate Children
16 Skateboards
2000, 30 minutes
Current Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I Hate Children presents a team of youngsters who know how to run with the older guys. The video was released in the late 1990's, and it appears to be the company's only production. Some of these kids (now grown up) still shred today, and others have seemingly faded away from the mainstream. With a balance of street and transition, as well as rock and hiphop music, I Hate Children gives a nice sense of diversity. A couple montages are placed throughout the video, as well as 16 subliminal messages.

Midwest Boyee July 01, 2004

When I first saw I Hate Children I actually got pretty pissed off, because all these kids were younger than me AND they put my ass to shame. So when viewing this video, one must keep in mind two details: 1) This video is slightly outdated. 2) All of the skaters are aged 16 and below. What is this dude trying to say, you ask? Basically, if you have high standards for a video, please don't compare this one to Really Sorry. With that aside, I would like to say that this video gives a decent viewing. The editing is to the point, and the filming is tolerable. Not to mention, you get to see Justin Case rip when he was a little tyke, doing impressive shit like a crooks to nollie heel varial out on a block. Jeremy Holmes shows that he was stylish even before he blew up, and Nancy Nguyen proves that chicks can rip too. If you keep an open mind when you watch this, then you can enjoy it on the levels that I did.

Midwest Boyee

What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Jimmy Astleford
Devin Brankovich
Justin Case
Ian Gundlach
Jeremy Holmes
Thaniel "Ice" Hulme
Topher Ingalls
Kevin "Spanky" Long
Nancy Nguyen
Brett Prais
Nate Roemer
Greg Tarkey

Also Appearing:
There are 30 other skaters that appear in this video for a few tricks. They deserve credit too.

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from I Hate Children, check out the soundtrack for it.

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