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DVD cover - Build Worldwide Streets: San Francisco

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Streets: San Francisco
Build Worldwide
2003, 30 minutes
Current Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Streets is an in-depth depiction of what street skating in San Francisco is all about. The production was created by Judah owner Satva Leung, who used both film and video in his edit. With host Gerrardemy, Streets takes the viewer to five famous spots that most have seen in videos and magazines. Junipero school, Maritime stairs, Third and Army, Fort Miley, and Pier 7 are all covered in a unique way. Each spot segment has interviews from pros and amateurs, directions to the spot, unknown perks of the spot, and of course SF locals tearing it up. Montages are placed between spot segments, also known as "Bay Area Mixes". These montages include skating from spots in the NorCal area (including SF), featuring many local pros and amateurs hitting up ledges, manuals, natural transitions, stairs, gaps, and even the occasional handrail.

BrAD (the silent "R") May 27, 2004

I had never even heard of Streets until just recently and I was quite impressed. It's a documentary that feels in many ways like an East Coast skateboard video. The music is laid back and mellow, whilst the skating is really good, especially from kids like Adrian Williams and Jack Curtain, as well as more established guys like Wu Welsh and Brad Staba. This video is heavy on the tech/stair aspect of skateboarding which may tend to leave tranny chompers and older shralpers feeling a little left out, but itís definitely worthwhile.

BrAD (the silent "R")

Midwest Boyee June 04, 2004

When I first popped in Streets, I wasn't expecting much due to the fact that Satva Leung's last video (Blackout) didn't impress me. Streets, however, is a different kind of video. It portrays the mellow skating life that SF inhabitants have, really emphasising the fact that one can skate from spot to spot without a car. The music consists of hiphop beats from different DJ's in the SF area, which seemed to make the video more authentic. Therefore, those of you who enjoy rocking indie-emo tunes in your nut hugger pants may not favor this video. The filming is also decent but because this is an independent video, it has a lot of "contributed footage." Dammit. If you're a video nerd like me then you must get annoyed at seeing the same footage that was put out months ago in a logic video or 411. I know Satva probably wanted as much footy as he could get, but for the video veteran this is definately a pet peeve. Anyway, I recommend that NorCal skaters view this production because it sure as hell made me want to go skate, and I live in Chicago.

Midwest Boyee

What to Expect:

There are 34 skaters that appear in this video for a few tricks each... montage style.

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