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VHS cover - Concussion Damaged

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2003, 37 minutes
Current Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Concussion is the Thrasher to 411ís Transworld. Itís a raw video magazine that leaves nothing out. Concrete parks and pools (with a punk and metal soundtrack, of course) dominate, but thereís also some good street footage and a bit of vert. Footage of contests and demos is also fair game. The skaters featured range from well-known street and vert pros to backyard rippers youíve never heard of. Thereís some random other stuff, too, like snowboarding, surfing, demolition derby, and wrestling. And, staying true to the name, there are almost as many slams as there are makes.

Egg August 20, 2004

I canít really see too many kids getting into this video (due to a lack of Eric Kostons and Tony Hawks), but itíd probably be a hit with the over-thirty crowd (thanks to some awesome transition skating). I donít skate parks or pools very often (or at all, really), so Concussion doesnít really get me pumped up and psyched to go out and skate, but it is really fun to watch. Thereís a horrible animated short and a bit of inconsistency in the quality of the sound, music, filming, or editing that at times weighs the video down, but never too much. Like I said above, if you get a Thrasher and immediately open it up to the Park Spotting section, youíd love this video. But if you get a Transworld and scan the mag for Jamie Thomas or Rodney Mullen, donít bother.


What to Expect:

There are 81 skaters that appear in this video for a few tricks each... montage style.

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Damaged, check out the soundtrack for it.

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