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VHS cover - Kinked Skateboard Media Spots?

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Kinked Skateboard Media
2003, 38 minutes
Current Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Spots? is the video debut by Kinked Skateboard Media, which features Michiganís finest apple pickiní, cherry blossom sniffiní, Kelloggís eatiní skateboarders of today. The format of the video is roughly a 2:1, skater to montage ratio. The terrain is purely street with plenty of ledges, rails and stairs. As with many local videos, plenty of new faces and locations will grace your television. Josh Robertson, Sean McNulty and the bros hit up D-townís Hart Plaza, Ann Arborís Main Street Marble and this super funky concrete humpty-hump in front of an auto dealership. Like the vast reaches of the Upper Peninsula, the music spans a wide range, from hip-hop to indy rock.

The Gnarboot Cobbler February 21, 2004

Spots? is the most Midwestastic video Iíve seen in a while and I liked every minute of it. The lineup is fierce! Young-blood Sean McNulty tosses salad grinds, blunts and crooks galore. Nick Jaskey puts the emo in the teemo with lofty nose slides, wall rides and versatile ledge trickery. The stand out, however, is headliner Josh Robertson, who has balls the size of Granny Smiths. This guy covers all the bases with fast tail slides, tons of flat-ground variations and clean nollies off big stair sets. The terrain is refreshing, being that itís anything but played-out, my favorite being the wacky Dr. Seuss-like concrete wave. Michiganís Wallows, baby... All this and amazingly presented in a near-professional editing job. Do yourself a favor and see what skateboarding between the coasts has to offer.

The Gnarboot Cobbler

What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Shane Anderson
Nick Jaskey
Jamie Jeffery
Sean McNulty
Jerry Mraz
Josh Robertson
Chris Sonsara

Also Appearing:
There are 67 other skaters that appear in this video for a few tricks. They deserve credit too.

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Spots?, check out the soundtrack for it.

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