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VHS cover - Habitat Mosaic

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  Regal Road / Josh Kalis in Mono (2005)

2003, 38 minutes
Current Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This is the soundtrack to Mosaic.
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  The Greenhornes
Intro Animation
  The Greenhornes
Intro Song
  The Greenhornes
Danny Renaud Blues Drive Section
  The Greenhornes
Tim O'Connor Journal Segment
  The Greenhornes
Fred Gall Part
  The Greenhornes
Rob Pluhowski Ambient Intro
  The Greenhornes
Stefan Janoski Western Expansion Intro
  The Greenhornes
Danny Garcia Marathon Intro
  The Greenhornes
Stefan Janoski Slow Motion Section
  The Greenhornes
Don't Come Running To Me
  J Mascis
Ed Selego Section
  J Mascis
Anthony Pappalardo Slow Motion Section
  The Chocolate Watchband
Loose Lip Sync Ship
  Count Five
Psychotic Reaction
  Papa M
If I Think
Way We Get By
  Directions in Music
Directions in Music - Track #4
Someone Something
  Dinosaur Jr.
Forget the Swan
  The Master's Apprentices
War or Hands of Time
  The Chocolate Watchband
In The Past
  Papa M
Northwest Passage

What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Steve Berra
Ted De Gros
Jason Dill
Fred Gall
Danny Garcia
Kerry Getz
Stefan Janoski
Heath Kirchart
Tim O'Connor
Anthony Pappalardo
Rob Pluhowski
Danny Renaud
Ed Selego
Anthony Van Engelen
Danny Way
Brian Wenning

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