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VHS cover - Logic Skateboard Media Logic #10

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Logic #10
Logic Skateboard Media
2002, ? minutes
Current Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Logic is a relatively new addition to the growing video magazine market. Logic #10 features strictly street footage from beginning to end, with the usual offerings of gaps, rails and ledges. Jason Jones, Satva Leung, Gailea Momoleau plus several others offer full length parts. There is also a feature article on Australia as well as several montages. The music is mostly hip-hop, emo and modern punk.

Kosh Guido January 21, 2004

Even though you probably haven't heard of 90% of the skaters in Logic #10, the skating is definitely up to par. Jason Jones starts things out right with a very solid hammer-filled part. Haven't heard of him you say? Well, you definitely will in the near future. Satva Leung is his usual ultra buttery-smooth self and Gailea Momoleau looks so relaxed when he skates that you would swear he is sleeping through some of the most difficult maneuvers. The video is shot mostly in quality digital video that has become commonplace. Unfortunately, this leads to a few lame editing experiments like slo-mo's in the middle of tricks. Also on the down side is the soundtrack. I'm guessing they looked in Transworld's reject box for a few of them. It's tolerable though and the skating more than makes up for it. Logic #10 is definitely worthy of a viewing so check it out.

Kosh Guido

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