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VHS cover - World Industries Trilogy

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World Industries
1996, 45 minutes
Current Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This is the soundtrack to Trilogy.
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  Goodie Mob
Goodie Bag
  Busta Rhymes
  Stevie Wonder
Jazz Beats
  D.J. WII
  Jimmy Cliff
Struggling Man
  Jimmy Cliff
The Harder They Come
  Jimmy Cliff
You Can Get It If You Really Want
Me And Baby Brother
99 99 Luftballoons
  D.J. Punish
  Roy Ayers
We Live In Brooklyn
  Roy Ayers
Running Away
  Jesus Lizard
Fly On The Wall
  Gypsy Kings
Tierra Gitana
  Mary J. Blige
I Love You
  Tribe called Quest
  Marvin Gaye
T Plays It Cool
Sweet Dreams

What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Kareem Campbell
Gideon Choi
Ron Creager
Sam Devlin
Jason Dill
Shiloh Greathouse
Gino Iannucci
Josh Kasper
Maurice Key
Enrique Lorenzo
Lavar McBride
Marcus McBride
Clyde Singleton
Daewon Song

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