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VHS cover - Element Fine Artists Vol. 1

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Fine Artists Vol. 1
1994, 28 minutes
Current Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The first video released after dropping the Underworld from the Element, Fine Artists showcases the early 1994 roster. Street skating from coast to coast featuring short parts from the some of the biggest skaters of the early 90's including the last full video part from DC legend Pepe Martinez (RIP) and the first ever part from Stevie Williams p/k/a/ Lil Stevie. Stay tuned after the credits for some crazy-ass Pulaski Park fight footage, tricks from Harold Hunter and Jeff Pang and a montage of what seems to be every Andy Howell part ever.

ItsRainingMikeItsRaining August 23, 2005

Bill Pepper all day... He sets this thing off with a ridiculous part. Massive stair sets and the cleanest FS Flips on park hips that you've ever seen. He borrows The Commodores hit Brick House from Mike Maldonado who used it in H-Streets Lick, but it's forgivable seeing as his part is so dope. We are then handed a succession of very short parts from the am squad who all deliver some decent footage. Particularly Eric Rewadi (I know, who?) and Bear Hughes (double who?). Some cool parts from early to mid 90's noisemakers like Andy Stone, fresh from 101, and Eric Pupecki, who was getting ready to jump ship to Menace, are still fun to watch. This brings us to Lil Stevie. He sure was little and he was most definitely amazing, same as now. He kills Love Park ledges with switch kickflip noselides and the like and you could tell at the time that he would be as big (no pun intended) as he is today. To wrap it all up we have Pepe, nuff said. Seriously though, he is one of my all time favorites. He destroys Pulaski and has incredible style... Nollie 180's over standing trashcans and all sorts of switchstance madness. What's really fun to watch his footage transition from him wearing giant purple pants and brown shirts (92-93) to wearing normal fitting jeans and the right sized white tees, which was the style in 94.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Mike De Geus
Andy Howell
Kenny Hughes
Pepe Martinez
Danny Minnick
Bill Pepper
Eric Pupecki
Eric Ruwadi
Doug Saenz
Andy Stone
Stevie Williams

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Fine Artists Vol. 1, check out the soundtrack for it.

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