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VHS cover - 411 VM Issue #43

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Issue #43
411 VM
2000, ? minutes
Current Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Theres a lot going on in issue 43. We get an Adam Alfaro Wheels of Fortune, a Daniel Haney Rookies, a Profile of Mr. Color-Coordination himself, Felix Arguelles, and a Day in the Life of Keith Hufnagel. Greg Carroll and Pancho Moler take us through the history of Think Skateboards in an industry section, and there are road trips from Stussy, Black Label, Foundation, and Ezekiel. The music is as diverse as the skating represented, as are the commercials.

Egg August 20, 2004

Eh. Thats the general response 411 Issue #43 gets from me. Youd think that with such a variety of skaters, Id be sure to find something interesting enough to keep my attention. Not really. Any one of these segments would make an alright stand-alone video, at least for maybe ten minutes, but the different styles of skating and editing clash when put together into one long video. The commercials do not help at all, either. Im just really tired of the standard video magazine format. This one could be worse, though.


What to Expect:

I have one eye brow! How BAD is Lance Mountain's Intro? Watch it here and place a vote.
Real Video

Featured Skaters:
Adam Alfaro
Felix Arguelles
Daniel Haney
Keith Hufnagel

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Issue #43, check out the soundtrack for it.

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