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VHS cover - Gallaz AKA: Girl Skater

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AKA: Girl Skater
2002, 26 minutes
Current Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

AKA: Girl Skater is a short documentary from Globe's division of women's shoes, Gallaz. The video features four female skaters: Jaime Reyes, Amy Caron, Vanessa Torres, and Monica Shaw. It also features Dave Carnie as "Mom." The video loosely follows the ladies as they tour Australia and participate in the Globe World Cup of Skateboarding Women's Division. As such, there is footage of mini-ramp and tranny skating, some street (handrail and gap), and some skate park action.

BrAD (the silent "R") November 07, 2003

I'm not really sure what happened here. I like Dave Carney and I like girls, but AKA: Girl Skater just didn't leave me impressed. Most of the skating footage seemed very hurried, replacing good tricks with any tricks. Don't get me wrong, Amy Caron and Vanessa Torres have mad skills, but it didn't seem like this video was much of a testament to that. Every time the skateboarding footage got interesting, someone would talk about "friendship" or some other obligatory remark to avoid seeming jaded. Overall, the video came off as amateurish and uninteresting.

BrAD (the silent "R")

What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Dave Carnie
Amy Caron
Jamie Reyes
Monica Shaw
Vanessa Torres

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from AKA: Girl Skater, check out the soundtrack for it.

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