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VHS cover - Blockhead Adventures in Cheese

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Adventures in Cheese
1990, 20 minutes
Current Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Blockhead’s second video, Adventures in Cheese, highlights the 1990 Blockhead team a la Charlie Chaplain – that is, on entirely black and white video. The video is pieced together evenly with featured riders as well as some antics with a kid eating a worm and a look at some choice vintage skate shoes.

Crazy J February 07, 2004

If you would like an early look at Hassan, Berra and Rick Howard, then look no further. This video has great stock of these guys and some pretty beefy footage and terrain. Hassan was probably one of the greatest 16-year-old skateboarders ever to ride. He has flow and confidence that takes twice the time for most of us to achieve. Berra and Howard both lay down considerable samples of street lines and none too shabby ramp lines. All in all, it’s amazing to see the beginnings of these on-going skaters. The black and white effect gets old, being that the video wasn’t shot on actual black and white film, so the end result is kind of grainy. Otherwise, The Cheese is a solid video and a must-have for all Berra, Hassan and Howard fans. And that includes most of us.

Crazy J

World1991 March 06, 2004

Blockhead was probably a little ahead of its time in terms of visual approach. If Andy Warhol made a skateboard video, it might look similar to this one. Most of the video consists of the standard run of the mill ollie impossible and shove-it routine common in 1990. Rick Howard, however, proves that all the early 90's folklore surrounding his genius is not completely unfounded. Mr. Howard's section is comparable to both of his Plan B appearances. His style is flawless and his bag of tricks seems to be about a year or two ahead of anyone else in the game at this time. Rick Howard is easily the stand out in this one, but some people may want to check out early footage of Laban Pheidias and Steve Berra.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Steve Berra
Brian Boyd
Sam Cunningham
Omar Hassan
Rick Howard
Laban Pheidias

Also Appearing:
Frank Atwater
Mike Barnes
Sean Begg
Kevin Bergthold
Andy Brayman
Nick Chiccehitto
Jeremie Daclin
Jim Druhamel
Rick Jaramillo
Mark Jones
Adam Laudin
Ron Lemen
Geoff Ortlip
Manuell Palacios
Danial Schou
Andy Scott
Gabe Shaefer
Steve Teague

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Adventures in Cheese, check out the soundtrack for it.

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