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VHS cover - Friends Productions Collage

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Friends Productions
2001, 60 minutes
Current Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Released in 2001, Collage is the most recent treasure from the Danny Minnick vault. Collage stays true to its title, featuring a boat-load of skaters captured by Minnick over the past several years in plenty of West Coast locations. The terrain varies greatly, with pools, vert, transitions, parks, ditches and street. Within the masses, expect to see footy a la Tom Penny, Chad Muska, Sean Sheffey, Danny Way, Daewon Song plus too many others to mention.

BrAD (the silent "R") July 11, 2003

I like Danny Minnick, but my feelings about Collage are mixed at best. I enjoy the skateboarding, as it features a variety of gnarly heads like Tom Penny, Huan Lee (never heard of him before, but he's good!), Choppy Omega, and Kien Lieu, the real King of Pop. Even Hosoi has some lines in this vid! I equally like the variety of terrain, with street, pools, tranny (Burnside in particular). Even though I'm not much of a hip-hop head, I still dig the soundtrack. However, I was really thrown off by the disconnected feel of the video. I feel as if there is no real joining theme outside of skateboarding within the video. The transitions between music and skating are a little too abrupt/bizarre for me. The single effect is that the video appears to have been thrown together very quickly or without much thought.

BrAD (the silent "R")

What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Mike Crum
Fred Gall
Rune Glifberg
Tony Hawk
Harold Hunter
Huy Lee
Kien "Donger" Lieu
Danny Minnick
Chad Muska
Tom Penny
Andrew Reynolds
Geoff Rowley
Henry Sanchez
Willy Santos
Sean Sheffey
Peter Smolik
Daewon Song
Anthony Van Engelen
Danny Way

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