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VHS cover - Powell Peralta The Search For Animal Chin

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The Search For Animal Chin
Powell Peralta
1987, 65 minutes
Current Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The Search for Animal Chin is Powell Peralta's 3rd video featuring the Bones Brigade team as they travel in hopes of finding the elusive Won Ton Animal Chin, the first thrasher to ever hop on a board. Along the way, they run into a ton of friends and tear up everything from the streets of Chinatown, to launch ramps in a park, to empty hotel pools, to big fuckin' vert ramps in the desert. The format of this video is like a porno, lots of action sandwiched by a lot of bad acting. Unlike most skateboarding videos, The Search for Animal Chin has a storyline which may bring about complaints from those of you who say that skaters are skaters and not actors. Have you seen him?

Slanty Slits April 10, 2003

I was ten years old when I got my first skateboard and twelve when I first watched The Search for Animal Chin. Viewing this video brings back a lot of memories of my neighborhood skate crew and the awesome summer sessions we had. Back in the day, how many fucking kids did you see walking around with Tony Hawk's floppy ass hair cut?! Probably too many, but there's a reason why: Everyone identified with the Bones Brigade. I am biased toward this video because I saw it when it initially came out. Today, I view it as a piece of nostalgia. I can only hope that new school skaters will appreciate this video for its message of skating and having a good time. Therefore, if you're twelve years old and reading this, please be like me and show some respect to skateboarding's past.

Slanty Slits

What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Steve Caballero
Tommy Guerrero
Tony Hawk
Mike McGill
Lance Mountain

Also Appearing:
Chris Borst
Adrian Demain
Charlie Dubois
Donny Griffins
Kevin Harris
Bryce Kanights
Natas Kaupas
Kevin Lambert
Jesse Martinez
Rodney Mullen
Arron Murray
Bobby Reeves
Doug Smith
Jim Thiebaud
Ray Underhill
Mike Vallely
Per Welinder

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