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VHS cover - Transworld Cinematographer

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There are so many goddamn Transworld videos that we had to make a link for em.

1997, 45 minutes
Current Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Transworld strays from the norm with their fourth video, Cinematographer. Instead of the usual formula of featured skaters with montages mixed in here and there, the footage in the video is divided into parts by the person filming as opposed to the skater. Each cinematographer's name is followed by footage of various pros they have filmed, Guy Mariano and Jamie Thomas to name a few. The skating varies from street spots and terrain to vert ramps and skateparks and the music varies from punk to hip-hop.

Simian P September 11, 2002

Transworld's fourth video is chock full o' goodies, but they are all scattered throughout the video. Ronnnie Creager has some excellent footage in Danny Minnick's section, putting together some smooth tech lines. Ty Evans has some superb filming, and the Kenny Anderson footage in his section is VERY nice. Kenny pulls the smoothest backside tailslide kickflip out, and closes out with a boardslide on a triple kink rail. Out of all the filmers featured in the video, the crown goes to Tim Dowling. His footage consists of some of the biggest names in skateboarding, and his filming is clean and not too flashy. Daewon Song, Robbie McKinley, and Eric Koston all have some bangers in this section, not to mention Guy Mariano, whose footage is digital gold nowadays due to his lack of coverage. My only complaint about Cinematographer has to do with its title and format. As a regular skate video, this film is great. However, I assumed this video was going to place an emphasis on the people behind the camera, but it fails miserably. Sure, the footage is split by cinematographer, but other than that, it offers nothing different from a regular skate video. I was expecting some commentary, techniques used, or some information about the featured cinematographer, but there was nothing remotely close to any of these elements. Just watch this film as if it were a normal skate video, because if you are expecting insight or information about the cinematographers you will be greatly disappointed.

Simian P

What to Expect:

There are 161 skaters that appear in this video for a few tricks each... montage style.

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Cinematographer, check out the soundtrack for it.

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