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VHS cover -  Street Style in Tempe

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Street Style in Tempe
????, 60 minutes
Current Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Street Style in Temple is a contest video from the 80's that features street and ramp skating. From Natas Kaupas to Christian Hosoi, this film features some of the best skaters from back in the day. The video shows heats and runs for each skater, some featured more than once. Music is nonexistent aside from the luscious 80's background music at the actual contest.

Simian P October 02, 2002

Street Style in Temple is a journey to the past. Bonelesses, launch ramps, streetplants, wallrides… all that was skateboarding in the 80's is embodied in this contest video. It’s a blast to see skaters like Natas Kaupas ripping back in the day, and I've come to realize just how far skateboarding has progressed since watching this film. Back then you could land a trick as dirty as you wanted and it was acceptable. Nowadays you'd better land clean or don't do it at all. Jesse Martinez skates clean and solid while Bill Danforth mongo pushes his way around the obstacles while pulling some sick lines. Jonee Kopp attempts an acid drop off the top of the big wall, a 10 foot drop. The star of the video, however, is Christian Hosoi. He may be in the slammer now, but he was the MAN back then with his massive 360 grabs off launch ramps, huge ollies and bonelesses. The video falls short when it comes to editing, as some of the footage is cut short, and the skating the pros put out isn't their best stuff, because they are limited to skating the terrain provided them for the contest. Other than these flaws, this video is a great piece of skateboarding history that brings back that nostalgia for the past.

Simian P

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