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VHS cover - Foundation Nervous Breakdown

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There are so many goddamn Foundation videos that we had to make a link for em.

Nervous Breakdown
1999, 30 minutes
Current Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Foundation's Nervous Breakdown is a punk-rock fueled street skating video filled with rail and stair skating. The video goes part by part with no skits or commercials, with a tour/friends section halfway through featuring skaters such as Ed Templeton and little Evan Hernandez. With the exception of one or two songs, the entire video is a slew of fast skate cuts layered with an all out barrage of punk.

Simian P September 16, 2002

Nervous Breakdown is a fitting name for this video. The opening montage is that of skaters focusing boards and eating shit on rails. This sums up the theme of the video very effectively, and helps to prepare you for the oncoming onslaught of hesh mayhem. Ethan Fowler lipslides the Hollywood 13, Tony Dasilva 360 flips the Bricktown 10 in between throwing down some tech lines, and Jon West hurricanes rails with ease. The standout part in the video belongs to Daniel Shimizu. He puts the smack down on the rails and stairs while still throwing down some impressive technical lines. From kickflips down big stairs to backside tailslides down rails, and kickflip frontside blunts on ledges, Shimizu shows how deep his bag of tricks is. The biggest complaint I have about this film is that aside from the few parts mentioned the rest of the video is mediocre to average footage. There is no real innovation or progression, nothing that pushes the envelope. The music will appeal to hardcore punk fans, but some of the music didn't fit the skating. Overall, the video is a good collection of hesh street skating, but it's no Welcome to Hell by any means.

Simian P

Egg February 03, 2004

Although Iím a much bigger fan of Art Bars, Nervous Breakdown is still a pretty good video. Everyone has a solid part, especially Brad Staba, Ethan Fowler, and Daniel Shimizu. Stabaís part has a slightly different feel than everyone elseís, with some footage of random subjects mixed between tricks. Ethan Fowler does the coolest lipslides, where you think heís going to 50-50 a rail but then quickly shifts to slide it. Shimizu has the smoothest style, making hard tricks and big drops look easy. Despite being a few years old and the existence of more currant footage of these skaters, Nervous Breakdown still holds up to repeated viewing.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Tony Dasilva
Ethan Fowler
Judd Hertzler
Toebee Parkhurst
Gary Robinson
Omar Salazar
Daniel Shimizu
Brad Staba
Jon West

Also Appearing:
Brian Anderson
Ray Barbee
Danny Butanda
Dustin Dollin
Erik Ellington
Kerry Getz
Jim Greco
Evan Hernandez
Alex Horn
Dive Lively
Adrian Lopez
Mike Maldonado
Kris Markovich
Damon Mills
Oly Pratt
Chris Pulman
Mike Santarossa
Myles Smythe
Ed Templeton
Jamie Thomas
Tim Tice
Dorian Tucker
Mike Vallely
Wayne Zerr

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Nervous Breakdown, check out the soundtrack for it.

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