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VHS cover - Hookups Destroying America

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Destroying America
????, ? minutes
Current Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

As if the Birdhouse Video didnít have enough chaos thrown in, Jeremy Klein, Heath Kirchart, and the Hookups crew make a good hours worth of their infamous antics for good measure. Unique to most skateboard videos, Destroying America took 5 years of production and has a cast of well over 100. Guest appearances include Eric Estrada (from CHIPS), Minka, and Ming Tran, and even some skaters such as Willy Santos and Tony Hawk.

Couldnt B. Happier August 06, 2002

I hated this video. I wish I could be less blunt, but lets not tease each other here. The video lacked creativity, skating, and my interest for that matter. If you 're into the desecration of national parks, roadsides, monuments and just general mass destruction, then I guess this video is for you. If you're like me, then youíll find an overproduced hour of two grown men spending the corporate bill on running bushes over and overpaying less-than-beautiful pornstars absolutely worthless. The only light I found in the abyss (that is, the trend of pandemonium that skateboarders seem to love) was that Erik Estrada was in it and when Tony Hawk skates on top of the arcade machines. Itís too bad that the public thinks skateboarders are destructive, harmful, and selfish people. I have NO idea where such an idea spawned.

Couldnt B. Happier

What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Tony Hawk
Heath Kirchart
Jeremy Klein
Willy Santos

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