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VHS cover - 411 VM Stand Strong

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Stand Strong
411 VM
2001, 60 minutes
Current Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Released in 2001 by 411 Video Productions, Stand Strong is a documentary of the day-to-day travels and trials of Mike Vallely. It includes brief sessions with many top pros, including Arto Saari, Daewon Song, and Ed Templeton, as they cross paths at contests, demos, and tours. With the exception of a couple songs, the music from this video is a blend of indie-rock.

Fingolfin January 12, 2003

If you aren't a fan of Mike Vallely, then you might not be able to stomach this video all the way through. While he is certainly an innovative and skilled skater, he has a very definitive style, which might not appeal to everyone (i.e. me). Furthermore, there is a lot of wasted, meaningless camera work such as panning trees and sunsets from a car window, or something along those lines. Typically I only like to see Mike Vallely highlight or pepper a skate video with his unique personality, consequently I couldn’t stand watching him fight security guards and acid drop into quarter pipes for an entire hour. While this is a must have for any Vallely fan, stay far away if you prefer technical skating or are just looking for a light, fun video.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Jason "The Kid" Adams
Salman Agah
Luis Cruz
Jesse Fritsch
Stacy Lowery
Bam Margera
Rick McCrank
Neal Mims
Arto Saari
Daewon Song
Kristian Svitak
Ed Templeton
Mike Vallely

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Stand Strong, check out the soundtrack for it.

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