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VHS cover - Powell Peralta Public Domain

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Public Domain
Powell Peralta
1988, 64 minutes
Current Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Powell Peralta brings us a clip-art movie gem with an offbeat circus introduction to skateboarding in the late 80ís. Public Domain brings the skateboarding world the 1st appearances of Ray Barbee, Danny Way, Frankie Hill, Bucky Lasek and Mike Vallely. Pull Grandma from her walker and duct tape her to the coffee table. Make some popcorn with a stick of butter and enjoy yourself for an hour.

EnjoiSkateboarding September 02, 2002

Though it may be a perfect slice of skateboarding from the 80's, Public Domain is still a little strange to watch. Itís almost as if Stacy and George tried a little too hard to make the video into more of an entertainment bit than a skate video. I like pretty much all the street parts, especially seeing Ray Barbee skate at such a young age. The video may be pretty raw compared to what we are used to seeing these days, especially music-wise and just overall style, but given that it was made in the 80's, itís entertaining in a way that most skate videos aren't.


AntennaeJim October 02, 2002

The Rubber Boys (Barbee, Saiz, Thomas, & Sanderson) were one of the most promising new teams of the day. The first thing that kills me about this video is the fag sporting a spandex uniform, floating his hanky around talking about graceful skateboarding. I fell off my cardboard makeshift couch onto the trailer floor giggling like a 12-year-old schoolgirl. After prying myself off the cat urine soaked carpet that had broken my fall, I was stoked to see Vallely in all his glory. And no I'm not talking full frontal, kids! I remember Frankie Hill as one of the sketchiest skaters I've ever seen in a video, but he lands all his shit. Go wonder. This is a must see movie and is another landmark for Powell.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Ray Barbee
Chris Borst
Jake Bradley
Steve Caballero
Brandon Chapman
Rich Grassett
Tommy Guerrero
Kevin Harris
Tony Hawk
Frankie Hill
Bucky Lasek
Mike McGill
Casey McKay
Colin McKay
Lance Mountain
Rodney Mullen
Laurie Rigsby
Steve Saiz
Eric Sanderson
Mark Sato
Doug Smith
Anita Tennesohn
Jim Thiebaud
Chet Thomas
Mike Vallely
Rob Washburn
Danny Way

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Public Domain, check out the soundtrack for it.

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