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VHS cover - H-Street Lick

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1993, 56 minutes
Current Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

H-street skateboards was the product of the late, great visionary Mike Ternansky and current Osiris proprietor Tony Magnusson. H-street, along with World Industries, produced some of the first low-budget skateboard videos. Ternansky eventually defected from H-street (along with Mike Carroll, Matt Hensley, Danny Way and Sal Barbier) to form Plan B. Lick is the first video project that Tony Magnusson produced on his own. Lick still features a bare-bones approach, but few of the original H-street riders remain. The new H-street team consisted of mostly new, "unheard of" amateurs like Bam Margera and Mike Maldonaldo.

World1991 December 29, 2003

When I was a kid, H-street was the hippest shit going. The energy and innovation of the team was comparable to World and Plan B. All of the riders had clean styles, in addition to great personality. Unfortunately, Lick was representative of the post-Ternansky H-street: a team more reminiscent of an early 90's Powell incarnation than a World Industries. Lick is filled with a slew of skaters that can't seem to flip their boards without forcing the griptape to scrape the ground. Even Damian Carabajal falls victim to the classic "progression over style" archetype faced by many skaters in the early 90's. Interested parties may still want to check out Lick, with early footage from a more tech orientated Mike Maldonaldo or a young, fat ass Bam Margera. My suggestion: check out Alphonzo destroy both street and vert, then dub over the rest of the tape with the Paris Hilton video.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Todd Baechle
Brian Barber
Damian Carabajal
Pat Channita
Dave Hupp
Marcelle Johnson
Chris Livingston
Mike Maldonado
Danny Mayer
Alfonzo Rawls
Jason Rogers
Chad Vogt
Misha Zwaan

Also Appearing:
Steve Berra
Jarret Berry
Jason Beudry
Tom Boyle
Damon Byrd
Bobby George
Ty Gilbert
Darrin Jenkins
Josh Kalis
Chad Knight
Tony Magnusson
Bam Margera
Danny Minnick
Dan Paterka
Jordan Richter

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Lick, check out the soundtrack for it.

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