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VHS cover - 411 VM Vancouver 2000

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There are so many goddamn 411 VM videos that we had to make a link for em.

Vancouver 2000
411 VM
2000, 37 minutes
Current Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Another installment of 411's slam city jam documentation. This video features different sections such as the am, girl, pro street, qualifying, pro vert contests and also a road trip section where they follow various skate companies such as Supernaut, Arcade, Santa Cruz and Tum Yeto as they venture up to Canada. A lot of the Vancouver parks are also shown in this video accompanied by some of Van city's finest up and coming skaters. The roster of this video consists of every type of skater from vert to street. Both legends and amateurs get their trick shown to the world. The hi-light tricks include Chris Haslam's bs lipslide to kickflip out, Bill Weiss' naked 540 McTwist and Daniel Haney's ollie off a bus. The music consists of mostly rock with about 1 or 2 hip hop songs.

Tech Asian January 26, 2002

Vancouver 2000 is a very well-made contest video. The roadtrip feature is a plus in not getting tired of watching tricks done on the same obstacle over and over again. Local amateur skaters get the recognition they deserve in this video. Considering the filming was done in a contest environment, the footage is very good with both decent camera angles and steady camera shots. The only part that doesn't quite appeal to me is the music. There are a couple tracks I don't dig on, but overall this is a good video that is worth the money spent.

Tech Asian

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If you dig the music from Vancouver 2000, check out the soundtrack for it.

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