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VHS cover - Transworld Uno

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There are so many goddamn Transworld videos that we had to make a link for em.

1996, 40 minutes
Current Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Uno, Transworld’s first and most appropriately titled video, contains segments from a laundry list of your favorite thrashers mixed with a couple montages featuring a bunch of other skaters. Although made in the mid 90’s, it still presents skating that’s up to par with the standards of today. As for the soundtrack, it contains mostly alterna/indie rockish stuff, with some hip-hop and other forms mixed in.

Thrashathon February 24, 2002

Uno really gets the Transworld series off to a great start. The video features some of the best skaters of then and of today. All of the featured sections are amazing making you want to watch this video more than once. A couple segments do seem rather short, but the lengthier segments from people like Johnson and Koston definitely make up for this. The filming in this video is also very smooth and crisp, giving some quality to the footage that many other videos lack. The soundtrack brings the entire video together with a smooth backbeat for the skating. All in all, Uno’s an excellent flick.


Who Farted? March 29, 2003

There's nothing in this video to cause exclamations of delight or despair. There's a ton of skating, some of it worthwhile (Marc Johnson, Eric Koston, and Geoff Rowley) and some begging you to fast forward. The intros are a chore to watch, with each one a different amateur video trick (time lapse, spinning camera, etc.). In what I suppose is an effort to retain some sense of continuity at least within the parts, the intro video trick is often peppered throughout the part. The effect is akin to that of talking to someone with a facial tic: irritating. The music is bearable, and even pleasant at times, though it takes a serious nosedive when it shies from its mid 90's alternative rock path with Chad Muska's music and then strays further and further away with the following few parts. Muska's part is notable for the skit that precedes it in which he's dressed up like James Bond and gets a call on his prehistoric cellular phone about some rails that urgently need to be skated. "This is Muska...What's up?...Some handrails?...Oh shit! How big?...Alright, I'll be there." Seems as though this was pretty middle of the road when it came out and the seven years between then and now have made it even more so.

Who Farted?

What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Tim Brauch
Mike Frazier
Caine Gayle
Tony Hawk
Brian Howard
Rick Jaramillo
Marc Johnson
Heath Kirchart
Jeremy Klein
Eric Koston
Chris Lambert
Jason Maxwell
Gershon Mosley
Matt Mumford
Chad Muska
Tom Penny
Bill Pepper
Geoff Rowley
Willy Santos
Paul Sharpe
Chet Thomas
Ron Whaley
Nanda Zipp

Also Appearing:
There are 58 other skaters that appear in this video for a few tricks. They deserve credit too.

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Uno, check out the soundtrack for it.

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