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VHS cover - Pig Wheels All Systems Go!

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All Systems Go!
Pig Wheels
1998, 26 minutes
Current Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

All Systems Go! is a textbook skate video. It starts with each person's name, an audio clip from an old sci-fi movie, and then their part follows. A little over halfway is a compadres section featuring Ed Templeton, Aaron Harrison and many others getting a trick or two apeice. All Systems Go! contains a minute or two of mini ramps and assorted transitions, but most of its minutes cover street manuevering. The sounds are kind of a Nirvana meets Creed. That's a lie, the tunes are all fast, rocky, and rolly.

Joe Flesci January 27, 2002

Man, dude, the Pig Wheels team definitely throws some bangin' gnar hammers! I mean there's just hammers bein' gnarred out, dude! And man, it's just so gnarly that they throw out so many burly hammers too! I'm just kidding. I wouldn't know what to label a burly gnar hammer. I hate to say it, but I expected a little more from All Systems Go! The technical aspect is spot on, the filming is enjoyable, and the skateboarders are all top notch, but still I felt it could have strayed a little from the stringent format. Maybe I just don't appreciate the simplicity the way I appreciate the tunes, which throw down major gnar hammers in my eardrums.

Joe Flesci

What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Jason "The Kid" Adams
Ryan Bartsma
Josh Beagle
Pat Channita
Ron Creager
Jerry Fowler
Matt Hensley
Chad Knight
Satva Leung
Jason Maxwell
Dave Mayhew
Vinny Ponte
Chris Senn
Brad Staba
Elissa Steamer
Dorian Tucker
Jon West

Also Appearing:
Brian Anderson
Donny Barley
Mark Carlyle
Alex Chalmers
Dave Coyne
Erik Ellington
Greg Gardner
Mike Geiger
Aaron "Hairball" Harrison
Shane Heyl
Justin Holt
Jerry Hsu
Josh Kasper
Spencer Little
Micah Matson
Jacob Mitchell
Crazy Eddie Nemeth
Scott Pazelt
Gary Robinson
Ed Templeton
Chip Vanham

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from All Systems Go!, check out the soundtrack for it.

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