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VHS cover - Consolidated Kings of Promotion

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Kings of Promotion
1997, 35 minutes
Current Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

See true hessian style as skaters Ryan Johnson, Alan Peterson, Scott Bourne, Richard Paez, Jay Adams, and Jason Jesse rip the streets and parks of the U.S. of A. They destroy everything in their way with gnarly roof drop-ins, wall rides, pool and vert riding, sketchy rail shenanigans, and some insane falls. Also, get a sneak peak of how to start your own skateboard company for super cheap.

Letsgo August 19, 2002

The skating in this video is pretty insane. It is skating in its rawest form with all the falls and sketchiness. But all the great skating is ruined by the abrupt and haphazardly placed movie clips from Taxi Driver and such. If I wanted to watch Taxi Driver, I would've made the trip to Blockbuster. Worse yet, there are also a lot of really stupid, non-skating skits, including a good couple of minutes of a guy sitting in his car, singing along to the radio, a woman and her kittens, and just really dumb stuff. The best bit is the "how to start your own skateboard company for cheap", which pretty much breaks it down as taking other people's products and painting over them. It's somewhat amusing, but nothing I could justify for giving the video a positive review.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Scott Bourne
Corey Chrysler
Jason Jessee
Ryan Johnson
Richard Paez
Alan Petersen
Jackson Taylor
Karma Tsocheff
Dustin Zimmerman

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Kings of Promotion, check out the soundtrack for it.

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