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VHS cover - Skateworks Portable Flat Bar

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  Shop Copy (2002)

Portable Flat Bar
1998, 32 minutes
Current Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Portable Flat Bar isnít the documentary of a moveable metal skateboarding obstacle. Itís about three dozen and one skaters thrashing not only a grind bar, but parks, mini ramps, and those not-so-mini ramps. There is even a little snake run footage and some wall rides. While you are watching this video, you can also listen to it at the same time. If you choose to do just that, you will hear sounds of Rock (Southern and Light), Jazz (Contemporary and Latin), and even some Dope Beats (Instrumental Drumming and 2 Live Crew). Enjoy.

P.A.T. 3000 July 26, 2002

Q: How many rollerbladers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: Eight. One to do it and seven to say, "I can do that."

Q: How many skaters does it take to make the Portable Flat Bar video?
A: 37!

That's right, folks, 37. This video about a portable flat bar was misleading. I didn't see it go anywhere. I did, however, see a bunch of skaters do tricks on it. I also saw those same skaters do tricks everywhere else. Mostly on flat ground, sometimes on ramps of various sizes, and even in parks and the occasional snake run. My main gripe is that the camera work is a little shaky at times, making it difficult to see Ocean Howell's big wall-rides or Brian Childers' flat-ground runs.

P.A.T. 3000

What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Steve Bailey
Jaya Bonderov
Brian Burnham
Brian Childers
Chet Childress
Matt Field
Israel Forbes
Ocean Howell
Jason Jessee
Mike Matilainen
Chris Natali
Crazy Eddie Nemeth
Alan Petersen
Phil Shao
Josh Shay
Justin Strubing
Jackson Taylor
Karma Tsocheff
Genaro Vergoglini
Ron Whaley
Mark Whiteley
Dustin Zimmerman

Also Appearing:
Tim Brauch
Rob Brown
Steve Caballero
Corey Chrysler
Chris Delowe
Hanzy Driscoll
Matt Eversole
Chad Fernandez
Robert Hammer
Matt Hathaway
Paul Marshall
Jesse Paez
Richard Paez
Hudson Poston
Colin Radach
Bob Reynolds
Clay Slaughter
Jason Strubing
Brian Uyeda
Paul Zuanich

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Portable Flat Bar, check out the soundtrack for it.

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