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VHS cover - Deca 2nd to None

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  Sneak Preview (2001)

2nd to None
2001, 50 minutes
Current Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Deca's second video probes into the depths of technical street skating. It contains sections from Marcus McBride, Luis Cruz, and Daewon Song among others, and is primarily shot in the Deca warehouse, which is a maze of high shelving, intense gaps, and forklift-aided obstacles. You'll hear mostly rap and hip-hop-esq tracks for the duration of the video, which lasts an adequate forty minutes or so.

Fingolfin October 09, 2002

2nd to None borders on utter absurdity, as it not only projects the most inane and insane technical tricks to date, but it portrays them occurring on rooftop gaps, 15-foot high shelving, and forklifts. Meanwhile, Daewon Song attains a new level of wizardry, as he is seen performing such variations as a nosebluntslide to 180 over a gap, into another bluntslide to 180 out or a nosegrind to nose manual, nollieflip out. Whether or not street skating can get any more precise, technical, and stylish is debatable, and if it were to ever progress beyond what Daewon Song has accomplished in this video, I would be speechless. Furthermore, this video is funny, and enjoyable, as it contains clips of office chair skating, a slo-mo "race" between skaters, and about 5 minutes of Song scaring the shit out of everyone in the offices with a rigged up dummy that pops out at passers-by.


Poey December 07, 2002

First off, if you hate seeing tech skating, then don't bother with this video. But if that’s your style, then definitely give 2nd to None a look-see. The entire team gives a nice performance on the board, with Daewon taking front-and-center to show off his insane footwork. The main beef I have with this video, however, is that it is very repetitive. The manual tricks and the bluntslide variations are impressive, but they keep coming with a vengeance. I would have better enjoyed the video with a bit more variation. The music also seems to lack in variety, but it is hip-hop and beat oriented so it kept my head nodding. You shouldn’t pull your wallet out for this one, but it's good for some technical skating and a couple laughs.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Luis Cruz
J.B. Gillet
Shiloh Greathouse
Chris Haslam
Brian Hoard
Marcus McBride
Shin Okada
Daewon Song

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from 2nd to None, check out the soundtrack for it.

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