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VHS cover - Santa Cruz Streets On Fire

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Streets On Fire
Santa Cruz
1989, 70 minutes
Current Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

What happens when you hire a horny lawyer with a drunk judge on the bench? Anything is possible in the world of claymation skateboarding! With an oldschool all-star cast, Jason Jessee, Steve Alba, Jeff Grosso, Natas Kaupus, and Rob Roskopp take you through a wide variety of street, vert and pool acrobatics. Sit back and watch with your classmates as the Santa Cruz Boyz teach us where it all began.

AntennaeJim September 11, 2002

Natas Kaupas made me shit cinderblocks the fist time I viewed this video back in 1989. I still think of the fire hydrant spin session every time I hear Firehose's "Brave Captain." Which reminds me that the soundtrack is quite lovely as well as it includes most of the SST punk bands of the day (i.e. Black Flag and Sonic Youth to name a couple). This is definitely a history lesson for all of you kids out there that ask me, "how can you skate such a wide board?" Well why the fuck aren't you skating a board bigger than your little sister's fingerboard? For old bastards like myself this is heaven, because after 14 years of skating you just don't see anyone doing these tricks anymore. I love bringing back grandpa's bag o' tricks!


OneLoveJamDown February 11, 2003

How this video blew my young mind when I first saw it! To any of my skater friends that would listen, Natas Kaupas was all I could talk about. His part changed my skating and I am surely not alone. This video is a must-see. There is a bit of something for everyone here, from pipes and pools to street banks and flat ground. The backyard mini ramp footage is some of the best around and should get anyone pumped. In the late 80ís there were tons of great -- nay, legendary skaters on Santa Cruz. Jason Jesse and Jeff Grosso are two that spring to mind and are heavily featured in Streets of Fire. Their role in shaping our common love should not be denied along with all the other heavy-hitters in this video. If you haven't seen Streets On Fire, get it and take part in a video, which will bestow its benefits and glories upon your skating.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Steve Alba
Claus Grabke
Jeff Grosso
Jeff Hedges
Jason Jessee
Natas Kaupas
Jeff Kendall
Corey O'Brien
Rob Roskopp

Also Appearing:
Mickey Alba
Mattias Bauer
Neil Blender
Eric Castro
Dave Cox
John Gibson
Christian Hosoi
Craig Johnson
Steve Keenan
Keith Meek
Monte Nolder
Gavin O'Brien
Mike Prosenko
Mickey Reyes
Kevin Rucks
Curtis Stauffer
Julien Stranger

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Streets On Fire, check out the soundtrack for it.

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