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VHS cover - Powell Peralta Propaganda

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Powell Peralta
1990, 60 minutes
Current Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

1990 was a time of change in skateboarding. Kick-noses were proven as being good, flips and grinds on the street were competing with traditional vert skating, and there was a push in the revolution of small companies. Propaganda is made with the same quality and effort as the previous Powell Peralta videos. This video gives you the classical humor of the Powell Peralta videos with skits like the Skate City card and Skate Jeopardy, which are mixed up with individual skaters segments. Lots of skaters = lots of segments, lots of styles, and lots of terrain. Pools, vert, parks, street, and mini ramps; Propaganda has something for everyone.

Thrashathon September 11, 2002

The only problem with this video is that despite the skating being excellent, in my mind, the street parts can't compare to some of the other videos of its time, such as New Deal's Useless Wooden Toys or Blind's Video Days. Yes, the video is really good. I grew up watching it every day, and the vert, mini and pool sections can't be touched. However, the street could be improved as compared to other videos of its era. It is definitely a historical video, along with the other Bones Brigade videos, but it is near the end of the line for the series and doesn't quite compare to its predecessors, as it is more recycled and rehashed. Watch the video because itís really good, but be sure to check out Video Days and Useless Wooden Toys to get a comparison of the early 90's styles.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Jake Bradley
Steve Caballero
Lance Conklin
Paulo Diaz
Ruben Dominguez
Trent Gaines
Tony Hawk
Frankie Hill
Frank Hirata
Cameron Martin
Mike McGill
Colin McKay
Sean Mortimer
Lance Mountain
Laurie Rigsby
Steve Saiz
Chet Thomas
Ray Underhill
Billy Valdes
Rob Washburn
Per Welinder

Also Appearing:
Salman Agah
Ray Barbee
Julian Bittiner
Sebastian Daurel
Mike De Geus
Mark Fowlie
Nicky Guerrero
Sami Harithi
Kevin Harris
Dom Kekitch
Eng-san Kho
Bucky Lasek
Mike Manzoori
Curtis McCann
Frank Messman
Albert Montez
Casper Plass
Ruben Prieto
Jesse Roach
Eric Sanderson
Joey Suriel
Tomi Toiminen
Stephan Toth
Rodrigo Valdebenito
Jan Waage

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