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VHS cover - Emerica Yellow

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1997, 30 minutes
Current Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Emerica's Yellow features many underexposed rippers like John Cardiel, Tim Brauch, Mike Maldonado, Dan Drehobl and Phil Shao, as well as some more recognizable heroes like Jamie Thomas, Marc Johnson, Dave Mayhew and Chris Senn. The skating is representative of a transitional period when things were getting bigger rather than more technical. The majority of the video features street skating but there is some contest footage and a small vert section.

OneLoveJamDown December 06, 2002

Yellow has the look and feel of a Toy Machine video that isn't as well put-together. The skating is easy on the eyes as most of the skaters have style to spare. There are few surprises but a couple of tricks seem to come out of nowhere, like Ron Whaley's 43-impossible and Jamie Thomas' ollie to ledge 50-50 to wall-ride. Phil Shao’s (RIP) part stands out, as does Think teammate Dan Drehobl's. Drehobl in particular destroys a bank to vert spine. The video's downfall is its shoddy production; for example, songs are clipped too short and changed sometimes after just a few tricks from one skater. The effect is a lack of flow. This is a shame as the footage is killer. More of an effort could have produced a video that would be up there with Jump Off A Building.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Donny Barley
Tim Brauch
John Cardiel
Dan Drehobl
Dave Duren
Chad Fernandez
Brad Hayes
Kenny Hughes
Marc Johnson
Satva Leung
Mike Maldonado
Dave Mayhew
Tim McKenney
Gershon Mosley
Tim O'Connor
Chris Senn
Phil Shao
Jamie Thomas
Mako Urabe
Ron Whaley

Also Appearing:
Chris Gentry
Adrian Lopez
Darren Navarrette
Brian Patch
Mathias Ringstrom
Remy Stratton

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Yellow, check out the soundtrack for it.

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