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VHS cover - Plan B Questionable

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Plan B
1992, 57 minutes
Current Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Questionable blessed the skateboarding world with its first glimpse of the Plan B team. Produced in 1992, this video features a strong Plan B team with many skaters who’ve become today’s legends. Matt Hensley, Rodney Mullen, Pat Duffy, Sean Sheffey, and Mike Carroll do their duty of paving the street and vert ripping of the present. The soundtrack isn’t so questionable with its range of punk to hip-hop. Note* Bail section included.

Tech Asian August 05, 2002

Questionable is perhaps one of the greatest and (until its recent re-release) hardest videos to find! There isn’t one skater that shouldn’t be amazed by the tricks that are done by the Plan B crew in the early ‘90s. This video is surely a legend along with the skaters in it. The soundtrack is also great, except for Rodney's part (i.e. slow jams), but everyone has his or her own tastes, eh?

Tech Asian

AntennaeJim November 11, 2002

Standing up to his reputation, Mullen sports a lovely technical wardrobe of flips. Not bad for just starting to convert to urban street skating from his technical freestyle background, huh? Way rocks the vert and the street with finesse. I rubbed a few off to this one in my day! A tid bit of switch skating is always greatly appreciated. There are no broken teeth, but I really enjoyed the slam section (gay cowboy handrails and all). This is the talent kids! The soundtrack isn't too bad either, mixing in some hip-hop, punk, post punk, and rock.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Sal Barbier
Mike Carroll
Pat Duffy
Ryan Fabry
Matt Hensley
Rick Howard
Colin McKay
Rodney Mullen
Sean Sheffey
Danny Way

Also Appearing:
Barker Barrett
Chico Brenes
John Cardiel
Todd Congelliere
Edward Devera
Spencer Fujimoto
Frank Hirata
Chris Hoy
Oscar Jordan
James Kelch
Eric Koston
Moses F.S.U.
William Nguyen
Steve Rocco
Henry Sanchez
Jovontae Turner
Joel Wrone

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Questionable, check out the soundtrack for it.

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