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Real to Reel
2001, 29 minutes
Current Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This video is the creation of Dan Wolfe & Gabe Morford and is the third team video from Real Skateboards. It begins with a few photo collages, artsy but clean and well done, and then a short intro with Mark Gonzales skating down the street. The bulk of the video is comprised of single tricks, no lines in this one. While the skating is predominantly street, there's still a decent amount of vert footage (mostly accounted for in Max Schaaf's and Mark Gonzales' parts). The soundtrack contains a good deal of hip-hop but there's also some rock, funk and reggae.

Who Farted? March 20, 2003

Real to Reel puts much of the garbage that comes out these days to shame. It's visually striking, the editing is clean and the filming is tight. Almost every shot is composed like an amazing photograph as the angles, colors, and lengths of the shots all seem to be greatly considered. The skating is often worthy of the rewind and slow motion buttons. Everything about the video suggests that these kids would rather be out skating than doing almost anything else. It's pleasant to see a video this good come out in a time when it seems like the only thing that gets a video noticed is sticking a turd in someone's ear or kids hurling themselves over a two-story drop.

Who Farted?

Poey March 29, 2003

Why hadn't I heard more talk of this video before I saw it? Real to Reel has seriously gone without the recognition it deserves. It is a nearly perfect mix of entertainment and art, has a wide variety of music and skating terrain, and is fun to watch, which is what a skate video should be! Not only that, but the level of skating is definitely noteworthy. There's a good deal of some whacked-out, creative lines as well as dangerous tricks that caught my eye. Just to drop a few names, Bravo has one of the cleanest flicks I've seen in a while, Hufnagel has a lightening fast ollie and Gonzales comes up with some of the most original tricks I've seen on a skateboard. In short, you can tell these guys are having a good time skating while they still manage to make it look like art.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
J.T. Aultz
Damian Bravo
Dennis Busenitz
Matt Field
Cairo Foster
Mark Gonzales
Keith Hufnagel
Nathan Jones
Phil Mackie
Max Schaaf

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Real to Reel, check out the soundtrack for it.

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