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VHS cover - Color Color

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1993, 23 minutes
Current Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Color was a short lived company ran by the legendary Kris Markovich around '93. This video is proof of it's existence. It features team riders Kyle Yanagimoto, Caine Gayle, Quy Nguyen, Jeremy Wray and of course Markovich himself. Straight up San Diego street skating from beginning to end ranging for somewhat technical to massive gaps and stair sets.

ItsRainingMikeItsRaining August 23, 2005

I remember copying this vid in 93 and being very excited. Markovich was at the height of his fame and Jeremy Wray was whom everyone was talking about. Unfortunately, those two guys are what make this otherwise monotonous video worth a watch. Kyle Yanagimoto (who I never heard of again) kicks this thing off skating rather fast and doing some OK stuff but the problem is the filming. So much is filmed directly into the sun! This problem persists throughout the parts of Caine Gayle, who handles a boardslide down an ill triple kinked rail and Quy Ngyuen, who rocks some decent tech maneuvers. Which brings us to the main event. Jeremy Wray kills every second of his part. He destroys the EMB 7 and does what were probably some of the biggest ollies on record at the time. Markovich also rips the 7 with a, read it and weep, fakie bigspin heelflip to end his part. Wow, too bad the filming and editing sucks. At the end of the day, I look at this video as the warm-up for Prime's Fight Fire With Fire, which would be released one year later and blows minds.


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Featured Skaters:
Caine Gayle
Kris Markovich
Quy Nguyen
Jeremy Wray
Kyle Yanagimoto

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