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VHS cover - Etnies High 5

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  Sponsored (1999)

High 5
1995, 14 minutes
Current Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

In the year of our Lord nineteen ninety five, when everyone's pants hung a little lower and the k-grind was not quite mature, Etnies released a promo called High 5. It basically has about 5-10 tricks by each skater on the team. As soon as one skater is done the next one is on. A lot of street, but a couple vert skaters (Mathias and Darren) appear and that's all you get. The music on High 5 is typical of 90's FM radio, and the filming is quality for 1995.

Thrashathon January 31, 2002

Before the late 90's proliferation of shoe companies, all of the skaters rode for Etnies. Man, everyone you can think of is in this video--well, almost. Despite the fact that it was produced in 1995, the skating is not that far out of date. Not to mention, the skaters in this video are top notch, both back then and today. The problem is that once you're fired up on one skater, the session is over and someone else comes on. It's all just a tease and you can't get a real good feel for the skaters. Just a clip here and a clip there. The skating is good, but the format sucks.


Joe Flesci February 06, 2002

It seems that with the Etnies lineup for High 5, they could do no wrong. They didn't really, but giving each skater more than 3 or 4 tricks wouldn't have been a bad idea. It's good not to make everyone's part too long, but 14 minutes goes by fast in comparison to other videos. I also realize that Etnies is a shoe company and isnít responsible for selling decks, so High 5 may have had to contain footage which did not appear on any of the videos from the skaters' other sponsors.

Joe Flesci

What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Jean Baptiste
Rich Colwell
Dan Drehobl
Chad Fernandez
Rune Glifberg
Shorty Gonzalez
Marc Johnson
Rodney Jones
Oscar Jordan
Josh Kalis
Eric Koston
Satva Leung
Dave Mayhew
Peter McBride
Richard Mulder
Chad Muska
Darren Navarrette
Tyrone Olson
Tom Penny
Laban Pheidias
Mathias Ringstrom
Chris Senn
Phil Shao
Peter Smolik
Chet Thomas
Jamie Thomas
Mako Urabe

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from High 5, check out the soundtrack for it.

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