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VHS cover - Acme Unedited

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1993, 28 minutes
Current Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

From the days of big pants and technical tricks, Unedited is full of small wheels and just about every board flip imaginable. For such times, there is also more than a fair amount of transition skating: pools, vert and skate park ramps. Take a gander at a bunch of today's greats back when they were just getting started, such as Chad Fernandez, Clyde Singleton, and many others.

Skaz July 17, 2002

Acme’s Unedited is a great video! It’s so refreshing to see skateboard videos from back in the day, because they aren't monster productions. Unedited has tricks you’ve seen before (with a few uncommon ones), but the way they’re presented makes them seem more natural. The shaky camera and the scenes with massive vignetting (the "black circle" that is now a sin) makes it feel more at home. Naturally, the tricks aren't always clean, so if you don't want to see sketchy landings, this isn’t your video. Overall, Unedited is a spectacular portrayal of skateboarding in the early '90s and the progression of the sport since then.


OneLoveJamDown December 13, 2002

Unedited perfectly illustrates that a good skate video is more than good skating. This video could have been a lot better if its producers had exercised some quality control. Instead, some interesting tricks and lines are filtered through shadows, bad framing, and a twitchy zoom finger. Still, blackmailers may note some incriminating Mike Rusczyk footage, where a family of four could easily find comfort in his pant legs. Brad Hayes shows off his "tech-toe" manual skills, flipping into and out of a slew of wheelies. Omar Hassan and Remy Stratton have a significant amount of exposure in this video and both show some pools what's up. Also, lookout for underground ripper Chet Childress. The two closers, Clyde Singleton and Bo Ikeda, are the easiest on the eyes. Mr. Singleton's huge ollies and solid command of his board on ledges and rails are worthy of respect. For a better document of the times though, watch an old New Deal video instead.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Steve Ball
Tony Briseno
Chet Childress
Chad Fernandez
Robby Gaskell
Brad Hayes
Bo Ikeda
George Nagai
Jeff Nichols
Matt Reason
Mike Rusczyk
Clyde Singleton
Remy Stratton
Paul Urich
Erik Villalobos

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Unedited, check out the soundtrack for it.

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